Core Team

Chief Executive Officer

• K. A. Rashid
• Control the USA Office
• More than 30 years business experience in healthcare industry
• 11 diplomas on Business Management

Director, Marketing (DM)

• K. Tauseef Rashid
• Control Bangladesh Office
• BSc (Env), M.ENV (UK) & E.MBA (Dhaka)
• More than 15 courses on medical device application
• 11 Years of experience in healthcare industry & Turn-Key Solution

Manager, Operations (MO)

• Shakila Zaman
• Take care of HR, Admin & Supply Chain in Bangladesh
• BA in English (EWU)
• 4 Years experience in operation work with Modus
• Trained on Supply Chain Management

Clinical Consultant

• Dr. Zabed Nur Bin Asad
• Consultant for Neurology or related product ranges in Modus
• Working as Free-Lance Neuro-Surgeon (Assistant)
• More than 1200 Neuro-surgeries
• Training on Neuro Electro Physiology.