UTAS Monitor

Additional Features

  • Compact, lightweight yet full featured
  • Ideal for in-hospital and out-hospital transportation
  • Combines the functionality of measuring module with wide range of parameters and transport monitor with a modular structure
  • Basic Parameters: 5-Lead ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Temperature & HR.

    Optional Parameters: 
  • Cardiology: 12-channel ECG, ST analysis, QTc analysis 28 types of arrhythmia real-time analysis, HRV
  • Anesthesiology: Bispecctral Index (BIS), Neuromuscular transmission (NMT), Multi-gas monitoring (Aag)
  • Hemodynamic: Invasive blood pressure (IBP), Invasive cardiac output (Thermodilution), Non-invasive cardiac output (ICG)
  • Neonatology: Amplitude integrated encephalography (aEEG), SPO2 Masimo SET, OxyCRG
  • Add any modules/ channels using UniPort, developed by UTAS. No need for racks/ slots.
  • Various mounting options (bed mount, wall bracket & mobile trolley) 
    Easy to clean and disinfect: 
  • Fanless technology – no dust and insets in device through ventilation holes
  • Smooth screen occupies 90% of square front panel
  • There are not connectors or controllers on the front panel that makes disinfection process easier
  • Can connect with any external display by HMDI port to expand or duplicate the screen.

UTAS (UM300-10S), UTAS (UM300-15S), UTAS (UM300-20S)

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